The Story of David Livingstone: A Missionary and Explorer in Africa

David Livingstone's Missionary and Exploration in Africa


David Livingstone was a Scottish evangelist and pioneer who is best known for his endeavors to Africa amid the 19th century. He is recognized as one of the most noteworthy pioneers of all time, and his Christian confidence played a critical part in his life and work.

Early Life and Instruction

David Livingstone was born on Walk 19, 1813, in Blantyre, Scotland. He was the moment of seven children, and his family was destitute. In spite of this, Livingstone was an great understudy and had a solid want to memorize.

At the age of 10, Livingstone started working in a cotton plant to assist back his family. In any case, he kept on ponder and studied as much as he seem in his save time. When he was 19, he chosen to seek after a career in medication, and he started considering at Anderson’s College in Glasgow.

Change to Christianity

Livingstone’s Christian confidence started to require root amid his early a long time in college. He gone to a assembly where a neighborhood minister talked approximately the require for evangelists in China, and Livingstone was profoundly moved by the message. He afterward composed in his diary, “I have no wish to keep on with my considers in the event that I am to be so cold-hearted around the rapscallion.”

Livingstone before long chosen to ended up a evangelist himself, and he joined the London Teacher Society in 1838. He completed his restorative degree in 1840, and within the same year, he cruised to South Africa with his spouse, Mary Moffat, whom he had met whereas examining in Glasgow.


David Livingstone's Missionary and Exploration in Africa


Teacher Work in Africa

Livingstone went through the following a few a long time in South Africa, where he worked to spread the Christian confidence conjointly given therapeutic care to the neighborhood individuals. He too started to investigate the African landmass, which he accepted had extraordinary potential for exchange and commerce.

In 1849, Livingstone made his to begin with major undertaking into the insides of Africa. He traveled from the east coast to the west coast, crossing the landmass within the handle. Along the way, he found the Victoria Falls conjointly got to be the primary European to see Lake Malawi.

Livingstone made a few more endeavors over the another a few a long time, each time traveling more profound into Africa and investigating modern locales. He too got to be a solid advocate for the cancelation of servitude, which was still broad in Africa at the time.

Afterward A long time and Bequest

Livingstone’s wellbeing started to decrease within the late 1860s, and he returned to Britain in 1864. Be that as it may, he was not substance to remain there for long, and he before long returned to Africa to proceed his work.

In 1873, Livingstone set out on what would be his last undertaking. He trusted to discover the source of the Nile Stream, but his wellbeing had disintegrated to the point where he was not able to travel on his claim. He was in the long run found by a bunch of writers, who were astounded to find that Livingstone was still lively.

Livingstone passed on on May 1, 1873, in Chitambo, Zambia. His body was carried by his workers to the coast, where it was returned to Britain and buried in Westminster Convent. Livingstone’s bequest proceeds to this day, and he is recalled for his commitments to the investigation of Africa and the spread of Christianity.


David Livingstone's Missionary and Exploration in Africa



David Livingstone’s life may be a capable case of the affect that one individual can have when they devote themselves to a cause. Livingstone’s confidence in Christ spurred him to serve others and to investigate unused districts of the world, and his bequest proceeds to motivate individuals to this day.

Through his endeavors, Livingstone made a difference to uncover the repulsions of the African slave exchange and to bring consideration


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