The Role of Service in a Faithful Life

Service in Action: Practicing Christian Love


In a world where many of us are focused on achieving our own personal success, it can be easy to overlook the importance of serving others. But as Christians, we are to serve one another, just as Jesus served those who were in His immediate neighborhood. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits serving others has for both the one serving and the one being served, as well as how serving others fits into leading a devoted life.

Theological Groundwork for Service

The notion of service is woven throughout the entire Bible, from Jesus’ teachings to the letters of the apostles. Jesus is the definition of service, having given His life on the cross for us. In John 13:1–17, Jesus washes the disciples’ feet to demonstrate to the disciples how to serve others, even in the most elementary tasks. Throughout the New Testament, we are exhorted to serve others in love and humility, just as Jesus did for us.

Benefits of helping others

For those who serve others, there are numerous benefits. Serving others draws our focus away from ourselves and our needs, which can reduce feelings of entitlement and self-centeredness. As we use our skills and abilities to change the world, helping others can also make us feel fulfilled and purposeful.


Service in Action: Practicing Christian Love


Service has benefits for both those who give and those who receive it, as well as for those who perform it. Our deeds of kindness can uplift and comfort those in need, whether we are preparing a meal at a soup kitchen, visiting a person in a nursing home, or just being a listening ear.

Getting into the Service

There are countless ways to perform acts of service, from volunteering your time to a local nonprofit to merely lending a helping hand to a complete stranger. Think about these concepts to get you started.

  • Volunteer your time at a soup kitchen, food bank, or homeless shelter close by.
  • Visit those who are confined to nursing homes or hospitals.
  • Participate in a mission trip.
  • Donate money or goods to a charitable cause.
  • Offer to help a neighbor who needs help with yard work or a single parent who needs help with child care.


Service in Action: Practicing Christian Love



Service is a part of the Christian life and has many benefits for both those serving and those receiving it. By lending a hand to those in need, we can demonstrate the love of Christ and bring much-needed healing and hope to the world. So why not start by doing something good for someone else right now?

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