Ordering Your Private World: A Guide to Inner Transformation

Christians. spiritual discipline. ordering priorities. living intentionally. cultivating inner life


Going to church, participating in ministries, and getting involved in the community are all examples of the outward manifestations of our Christian faith that receive a lot of attention. The inner life must also be taken into consideration, though. Gordon MacDonald offers a practical and profoundly spiritual manual for inner transformation in his book “Ordering Your Private World: Revised and Updated.”

Brief summary of the book

The goal of the book “Ordering Your Private World” is to teach readers how to develop a solid inner life, which can then result in a more successful and fulfilling outer life. For insights and helpful advice on a variety of subjects, such as:, MacDonald draws on both his own struggles and experiences as well as those of others.

Setting aside time and effort for the things that matter most in life.
Making prayer a regular and meaningful part of one’s life.
recognizing weak points and vulnerabilities, and addressing them.
Developing the practices of fasting, meditation, and seclusion.
Finding harmony and balance among various aspects of life, such as work, family, and leisure.

Takeaways and Key Themes

The significance of self-awareness and self-examination is one of the main themes of “Ordering Your Private World.”. In order to pinpoint areas that require attention and growth, MacDonald exhorts readers to take a close look at their inner selves, including their motivations, fears, and desires.

The concept of intentional living is another crucial theme. Instead of merely reacting to the demands and distractions of daily life, MacDonald stresses the significance of being deliberate and intentional in how we spend our time and energy. This includes being prepared to say “no” to some requests in order to make room for the most crucial things.

To provide a thorough manual for inner transformation, MacDonald interweaves psychological, spiritual, and pragmatic insights throughout the entire book.


Christians. spiritual discipline. ordering priorities. living intentionally. cultivating inner life


How can we organize our personal space?

In each of these four areas, MacDonald offers doable advice on how to organize our personal lives. As an illustration:

  • We must look deep within ourselves and ask ourselves why we act the way we do in order to order our motivation. MacDonald encourages us to be “called” people who live for God’s purposes instead of “driven” people who live for human approval.
  • Planning ahead and prioritizing what matters most will help us use our time more efficiently. In order to avoid missing out on crucial opportunities or commitments, MacDonald advises us to schedule time for God, family, work, and rest.
  • We need to read Scripture as well as other edifying works that can challenge or bolster our spirituality if we want to organize our wisdom and knowledge. In all aspects of life, MacDonald exhorts us to be lifelong learners who seek God’s truth and direction.
  • We must establish a close bond with God through worship, prayer, and obedience if we want to control our spiritual strength. We must rely on God’s grace and power rather than our own resources and strength, as MacDonald reminds us.


Christians who want to develop a solid and significant inner life should read “Ordering Your Private World”. Gordon MacDonald offers a road map to transformation that is firmly rooted in Christian tradition and applicable to contemporary life by offering both helpful advice and spiritual insights.

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