Lenten Family Activities: Growing Closer to God and Each Other

Lenten Family Activities: Growing Closer to God and Each Other


For Christians everywhere, Lent is a season of reflection, atonement, and spiritual development. Fasting, prayer, and almsgiving are just a few of the Lenten rituals that can be meaningful for families even though they are typically thought of as personal disciplines. In fact, through common practices and activities, Lent presents a great chance for families to become more spiritually connected to one another and to God.

Exactly why should a family engage in Lenten activities?

It is beneficial for the whole family to participate in Lenten activities. Families can: thanks to this method.

  • Grow in Faith Together: By emphasizing spiritual practices that help families get closer to God, Lenten activities can help families grow in their faith together.
  • Strengthen Relationships: By taking part in Lenten activities as a family, parents and kids can gain a better sense of connection and understanding of one another as they share experiences and insights.
  • Create Lifelong Habits: During Lent, families can engage in activities that can help them create lifelong spiritual habits.

Ideas for Family Lenten Activities.

Here are some suggestions to get you started if you’re looking for family-friendly ways to engage in Lenten activities:

1. Visit the church services.

A wonderful way for families to observe Lent is by going to church together. Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, and Holy Week services are just a few of the special services that many churches offer during Lent. Your family can connect with the larger faith community and gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of Lent by attending these services.

2. Consider taking part in a Lenten devotional.

For families, many Christian publishers offer Lenten devotionals. These daily readings, meditations, and exercises can help your family concentrate on the spiritual practices of Lent.

3. As a family, give something up.

Giving up something as a family can be a meaningful way to observe this discipline. Fasting is a traditional Lenten practice. No matter what you choose to give up—sweets, TV, or social media—doing it as a family can strengthen your bond and help you all develop greater self-control and discipline.

4. Team up to volunteer.

There are numerous opportunities for families to volunteer together during the Lenten season of giving and service. Volunteering as a family can enable you to live out your faith and care for your neighbors, whether you work at a nearby soup kitchen, take part in a neighborhood clean-up, or visit a nursing home.

5. Together, read the Bible.

A potent way to deepen your understanding of the Lenten season is to read the Bible as a family. In the weeks leading up to Easter, think about reading the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, teachings, and death.


Lenten Family Activities: Growing Closer to God and Each Other


6. Make a space for prayer.

A meaningful way to focus on prayer and reflection as a family during Lent is to designate a special prayer space in your home. The Bible, candles, and other things that serve as a reminder of the time of year might be placed on a small table.

7. Become more forgiving.

The Lenten season emphasizes forgiveness, and practicing forgiveness as a family can be a very effective way to strengthen your bonds with one another and with God. Spend some time discussing forgiveness as a family and resolve to forget one another’s transgressions in the future.


As a family, taking part in Lenten activities can be a meaningful way to get to know one another and God better. Your family can deepen your faith and create by going to church, taking part in a Lenten devotional, giving up something as a unit, volunteering as a unit, reading the Bible as a unit, creating a prayer space, and practicing forgiveness.

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