The Parables of Jesus: The Lost Sheep

The Parables of Jesus: The Lost Sheep



One of Jesus’ most well-known and cherished parables is the one about the Lost Sheep. It is told in Luke 15:3–7 and is about a sheep that gets lost, a shepherd who cares for it, and a happy reunion. Christians can learn important lessons from this parable about God’s love and concern for his people, as well as the significance of looking for the lost and helping those in need.

The parable’s interpretation.

Jesus responds to the religious leaders’ criticism that he is too amicable with tax collectors and sinners at the outset of the lost sheep parable. They had accused him of doing so. Jesus responds by using three parables to show the joy associated with someone’s salvation as well as the love and concern God has for the lost.

The sheep that got lost is the subject of the first parable. A lost sheep is sought after by the shepherd, who stands in for God, leaving his other 99 sheep behind. He is ecstatic to find it and carries it back on his shoulders. This is a representation of God’s love and care for each and every one of his people, regardless of how far they may have wandered.

Use of the parable.

We can learn several significant lessons about God’s character and our relationship with him from the parable of the lost sheep. First of all, it demonstrates how deeply and individually God loves each of us. He never stops looking for us and wants to reunite us with us in his loving arms, no matter how far we may stray from him.

The parable also serves as a reminder of the significance of finding the misplaced. Christians are called to be like the Good Shepherd, locating the lost and reuniting them with God. This might entail conveying the gospel to them, or it might just entail concretely demonstrating to them God’s love and concern.

The parable also teaches us about the happiness that results from finding the misplaced. There will be great joy in heaven when even one sinner repents and turns back to God, just as there was great joy when the shepherd found the lost sheep.


God’s love for us and the value of finding the lost are both beautifully illustrated in the Parable of the Lost Sheep. We can learn more about God’s love for us and develop our own love and compassion for those who are lost by studying this parable. May we seek out the lost and be like the Good Shepherd, celebrating their salvation.

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